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My Creative Process…

is quick and instinctual mostly about energy flows, though sometimes its just about the beauty and wonders of paper.

There is a large element of meditation in the hours of cutting and layering paper, cutting up old work or new groups to build something better, often times everything shifts and new concept develops.  I work on multiple pieces simultaneously sometime up to a hundred collages are in process.  Pieces get worked on for a bit then they’ll go under a press for a month, the press is the magic.  Under the press paper changes, shifts and bleeds its wonder-us and random.  The development of a collage from start to finish is about six months.

I finish the collages with frames I make myself from salvaged wood.

The Artist

“I paint with paper, creating depth and shadow from bits of written history, old illustrated technology and slivers of our own personal histories,” says Douglas DeVivo. “As you focus, the layers peel away, revealing new, ever changing stories and perspectives.”

Douglas was born and raised in San Jose, California, studied fine arts at San Jose State University and in 1981, received a scholarship to study Chinese art in Taipei, Taiwan. He intended to stay just two months but ended up immersed in studies for three years. It was this one-on-one instruction, he feels where his life and art education really began. “I not only learned different ways of painting, craft, and Chinese thought, I also learned the importance of time and devotion to my craft,” DeVivo shared.

“It was also where my collage work started I’d add paper I picked up on the street to a painting or a scroll I was creating .”

But the cosmos often unravels in strange ways. “A week after finishing school, my house was flooded in a typhoon and almost all my art and equipment was destroyed,” he said. “It felt like a sign to leave Chinese art behind.”

DeVivo spent the next 12 years running a design company in Taiwan that required him to commute between the U.S. and China three or four times a year . I was illustrating hundred of concepts a month and did this year after year

In 1996 he moved back to California living in Quincy, in the mountains north of Truckee, he also “started to do collage again, this time outside in nature,” Douglas says. “What greater place to have a studio than in the outdoors, (with) just a backpack of materials, a mat to sit on and a thermos of tea? I love the solitude, variations in weather, all the variables, nature and paper. The way I work is a meditation, with devotion and focus.”

(Excerpts from Press Democrat article)