My Next Project:

“The Ebb & Flow of Energy”


Concept sketch for Flow of Energy Collage

Beginning in October 2017

Taking the creative journey further, DeVivoLife’s next project is flying ahead of myself to do something I’ve dreamed about and yet do not know how to do.  Create a series of large 6’x8’+ paper tapestries about the ebb and flow of energy.  I see big swirling transparent images strong flexible and twisting around each other, with a range of powerful circular collages riding these energy waves.

Big is beautiful, freeing and often impractical. But who cares! It’s all about the love of creating.

My process will be to create large pages of painted and collage color patterns that will be cut up and used as a base palette, along with making hundreds of circles in all sorts of sizes, from 4x4 ‘ to 2″, to be used in the compositions.

Along the way through DeVivolLife’s next project, I’ll discover ways to make this transparent, so that you can see the swirling images twisting around each other below the surface to give the pieces a deep perspective.

I am looking for a few people to join me in this magical journey,  to create work with me – one on one. Perhaps one day a week, for the length of the project.

Interested? Contact me: Douglas DeVivo
707 / 328-3235
dvolife @